VISION 2025:
Growing Nigeria’s Tourism Industry

The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation is responsible for tourism in Nigeria.

It promotes the country as a domestic and international tourist destination for leisure, business, religion, festivals, and commerce. To facilitate the growth of grassroots tourism, the Corporation adopted a decentralized system of administration through the creation of zonal offices at Bauchi, Calabar, Enugu, Jos, Kano, and Lagos, each headed by a Zonal Coordinator.


Tourism is the fastest route to development and economic growth in the 21st century. In seeking to achieve a sustainable national tourism agenda, this roadmap lays the foundation that will open up Nigeria as a major tourism destination in Africa through the development of international tourism and promoting of domestic tourism. Nigerians will be encouraged to spend their holidays in Nigeria and to know more about the country.


This is a 5-point action plan that aims to promote domestic tourism in Nigeria.
Introduce global best practice for the tourism industry through reviewing laws, education and standards.
Encourage the creation of jobs and engagement of Tourism stakeholders.
Create, grow and sustain tourism assets.
Protect and promote Nigerians cultural heritage as a resource for home grown socio-economic development
Pursue funding for capital projects in the tourism sector.